Dutch woman 99 gets arrested as part of bucket list
Annie, 99, had one of her final wishes fulfilled after she was ‘arrested’ and ‘booked’ into her local police station (Picture: Politie Nijmegen-Zuid)

An elderly woman has managed to cross off a rather unusual item from her bucket list after she was ‘arrested’ and ‘booked’ into a jail cell at her local police station. 

Annie, from The Netherlands, had always wanted to experience what it would be like to be jailed.

And her wish finally came true after police in Nijmegen-Zuid, eastern Netherlands, granted her her wish of getting the ‘inside experience’.

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Pictures shared by the police on their Facebook page show Annie smiling with glee as she sat handcuffed and waving to the camera from within a cell.

The caption explained how Annie was almost 100 years old and had always wanted to ‘experience a police cell from within’.

That’s one happy woman!

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