UFO sightings are hitting an an all time high - especially in America
Credit: Getty Images

It seems that even extraterrestrials are curious as to what happens when you hand a bouffant-haired billionaire a nuclear arsenal which could wipe out a planet.

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UFO sightings are at an all-time high, according to Sam Monfort, a student at George Mason University – and the aliens are focusing on America.

Sightings have risen steadily since the 90s – and there’s now 2,500 sightings per 10 million people in the US, 300 times higher than the global average.

Montfort says that the shapes seen have slowly changed – from saucers to mysterious lights.

Montfort says, ‘One of the first recorded UFO sightings comes from Portland in 1905 (of course, seeing UFOs before it was cool), where a “buzzing,” sphere-shaped UFO descended from the clouds. Other shapes began cropping up later, with Saucers dominating the scene until the 1990s, when mysterious lights became the most popular.’


‘The plurality of post-Internet sightings take the form of strange lights in the sky. Why lights instead of tangible shapes? Maybe claiming to see “lights” is less likely to make your friends and family react skeptically than claiming you saw an actual UFO up-close, especially now that everyone walks around with a handy picture-taking device in their pocket.’