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Several injured in fire at Sweden's largest asylum centre

Several people have been injured in a suspected arson attack on Sweden’s largest refugee centre.

One man was seriously injured after jumping from a third floor window trying to escape the fire.

Around a dozen were treated with oxygen after inhaling smoke, while three people were taken to Norra Älvsborg Hospital in Trolhätten.

Emergency services were called to a fire in the common room of Resta Gård refugee centre, shortly after 4am on Sunday. 

When they arrived, smoke was already billowing from the building.

“We received three persons from that fire, two suffered from smoke-related injuries,” communications director of Norra Älvsborg Hospital Niklas Claesson told The Independent, adding that they had been discharged from the hospital.

A third man – who suffered serious injuries when he jumped from the third floor – remained in the hospital’s care, although his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening, Mr Claesson said.

James Abedrabbo, who lives on the third floor of the centre, said he was woken by a fire alarm. 

“It was strange and scary. When I opened the door to my room I saw a lot of smoke and we were immediately evacuated,“ Mr Abedrabbo told Swedish news site P4 Väst.

With 158 residents, Resta Gård is thought to be the largest accommodation facility for people seeking asylum in the UK.

The fire is being treated as a suspected arson. Police who examined the scene on Monday said they had not yet discovered anything that would indicate the fire had started by accident.

Experts are testing the scene for accelerants. 

Around 50 people who live on the third floor have been told they will be transferred to alternative accommodation.

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