(Picture: Getty/Myles Goode)
(Picture: Getty/Myles Goode)

It’s been over ten years since Dev Patel’s mother saw an advert for an audition in the Metro newspaper and forced her son to go along.

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And as Metro.co.uk introduced themselves to a bouncy Dev at the 2017 Academy Awards, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

‘Yes, thanks, love it,’ he exclaimed as he willingly took pictures.

‘It’s been a great night,’ he added as everyone left the Dolby Theatre and headed off to party the night away.

Since that moment that his mother, who he took as his date to the annual awards show, saw the advert in Metro, Dev  has found fame in Channel 4 drama Skins, in 2009’s Oscar Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire, and now he’s found himself nominated for his beautiful performance in Lion.

Dev Patel in Lion, with Rooney Mara (Picture: The Weinstein Company)
Dev Patel in Lion, with Rooney Mara (Picture: The Weinstein Company)

On the night he sadly lost out to Mahershala Ali, who won Best Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role, for his performance in Moonlight.

What is Moonlight?

What’s the plot?

Moonlight is a coming-of-age film, charting the life of Chiron across three defining chapters of his life – starting out as a young black man growing up in turbulent Miami, it follows his ongoing struggles with his sexuality and unstable family life.

As we follow his life through his teenage years and into manhood – the film becomes a much broader inspection into identity as a whole.

Is it any good?

In our review, we described the film as ‘extremely moving’ which ‘speaks of the struggles of black men in marginalised communities, of the push and pull of nature versus nurture, and finding yourself – no matter how long it takes.’

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