Neighbours spoilers: Dee manipulates Susan Kennedy into telling Toadie she loves him
Susan warns Toadie off, but that’s exactly what Dee wants (Picture: Channel 5)

Dee has got Toadie right where she wants him.

In Monday’s episode, Dee manages to get Susan rapped around her little finger and uses her as a pawn in her little game.

She admits to the former headteacher that she’s fallen back in love with the lawyer, knowing full well Susan won’t keep that bit of info to herself.

‘I’m worried I’ve stuffed things up with Toadie asking for space,’ Dee tells Susan. ‘He was my best friend. The more time I spend with him the more I realise what I lost.’

He was never yours in the first place, you mad woman.

Neighbours Week 7 Ep 7537 - Dee and Toadie hug.
Dee is getting her claws into Toadie (Picture: Channel 5)

Susan reminds her: ‘Toadie loves Sonya. they’re married and have a family.’

As if that’s going to stop the money grabber.

Of course Susan doesn’t keep it to herself, just like Dee planned, and goes straight to the man in question.

‘When did she realise she was having these feelings?’ Toadie asked, more intrigued than he should be about Dee falling back in love with him.

But Susan is firm.

‘She’s realised she needs to stay away,’ Susan says, while reminding Toadie that Sonya is his wife, and that he has his own family.

neighbours new opening sequence CREDIT Neighbours / Tenplay
Don’t forget about your family, Toadie (Picture: Neighbours / Tenplay)

Nevertheless, Toadie can’t shake the thought, and goes over to confront Dee, who, ever the schemer, upon hearing his approaching voice quickly ditches her bath robe for just a towel.

While she’s awkwardly sat there without any kecks on, Toadie asks to be in Willow’s life, and as they bond over their supposed daughter. Dee crosses the line and touches his leg and face.

‘I want that but being around you is really hard, but no matter what, I can’t have you,’ she says, as Toadie looks pained.

‘Those feelings you’re having are based on the past,’ Toadie tells her. YOU HAVE A WIFE, MAN.

‘They’re memories of us. Of you.’ Dee says, before telling him to leave, employing the old treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen technique.

Neighbours Week 7 Ep 7536 - Dee and Toadie visit their wedding location.
Dee get your meat hooks off of Toadie! (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, Willow has her first day at Erinsborough high pretending to be a 13-year-old, and manages to get herself into making fake IDs for her new friends.

Although she may have accidentally dropped them a clue to her real identity when she flashes her actual ID with her real age 15 on it, and the kids think it’s a wee bit suss. 15 makes way more sense than 13…

Neighbours Week 6 Ep 7535 - Jack and Paige share a moment.
Is Paige leaving Erinsborough? (Picture: Channel 5)

And the Willis’ give Paige an idea – moving to the Gold Coast to raise her baby and leave the stress of Erinsborough behind.

‘You’d be away from the time and stress to work out what you want to do about Jack,’ Brad tells her.

Paige is keen, even asking her uni lecturer if she can transfer.

Will Jack EVER find out he has a baby on the way?

Scenes air in the episode on Monday February 27 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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