Murdered teen named 'killers' with her dying breaths
Lizette Cuesta died after being stabbed to death in the early hours of Monday morning (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office)

A murdered teenager allegedly named the man and woman who stabbed her to death with her final breaths.

Lizette Andrea Cuesta was found soaked with blood crawling along the side of a road in Livermore, California by a UPS worker driving to work early Monday morning.

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When police arrived, Lizette managed to give them sufficiently ‘compelling information’ for them to arrest her friends Daniel Gross and Melissa Leonardo on suspicion of her murder.

Sgt. Ray Kelly, from Alameda County Sheriff said: She was a very strong person, a beautiful girl.

‘She was fighting to survive and part of that fight was helping us find the people who did this.

Murdered teen named 'killers' with her dying breaths
Melissa Leonardo, who has been accused of murdering her friend Lizette Cuesta (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office)
Murdered teen named 'killers' with her dying breaths
Daniel Gross is also accused of the killing (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office)
Murdered teen named 'killers' with her dying breaths
The road in Livermore, CA, where Lizette was discovered by passers-by (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office)

According to BuzzFeed, Sgt. Kelly believes Lizette was tied up before she died, and added: ‘She was really suffering but she stayed with us and really fought to live.

‘She stayed present and gave us compelling information before she died,

‘We know the three were friends and (Cuesta) got into the car consensually that night.

‘The two suspects are in a relationship and live together but we are still gathering information as to why this happened.’

Lizette, a student at San Jose City College, was called ‘a loveable person and very smart’ by her aunt Amparo Lopez.