Lord Ashcroft 'hacked' with explicit video posted on his Twitter
The woman reveals her breasts in the video (Picture: Twitter)

An explicit video of a woman exposing her breasts has been posted on Lord Ashcroft’s Twitter account.

It was one of two tweets that were hastily deleted after going up on the account of the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

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The other tweet was a Snapchat video of a little boy using a phone, which was originally captioned: ‘When she finally sends those nudes.’

Both posts were tweeted along with the words: ‘A reaction…’

They were both deleted about 15 minutes after they appeared.

Lord Ashcroft 'hacked' with explicit video posted on his Twitter
The second video was captioned ‘when she finally sends those nudes’ (Picture: Twitter)

The account appears to have been hacked – although some Twitter users believe the Conservative donor himself is to blame for the post appearing.

Some compared him to American politician Ted Cruz, who was accused of liking pornographic tweets last year.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘I see Lord Ashcroft is the latest to fall prey to the horrible ‘accidentally tweet my personal porn stash’ calamity. Thoughts and prayers, but for the grace of God etc.’

Others reacted angrily to the bizarre posts.