David Walliams gatecrashes Donald Trump press conference in new programme The Nightly Show
David Walliams, or should we call him Jim, in the sketch (Picture: ITV/YouTube)

David Walliams gets his new telly programme, The Nightly Show, off to a flying start by interviewing Donald Trump – but is all as it seems?

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The Britain’s Got Talent judge is back on our tellyboxes for his new ITV show, The Nightly Show.

And in the clip from the first episode, we can catch a glimpse of some of the fun we’ve come to expect from Mr Walliams.

In the sketch, David poses as a journalist and ‘gatecrashes’ a press conference given by the President of the United States.

David asks the Commander in Chief all the important questions, obvs, like about his famous bouffant and whether he uses fake tan.

And Donald freely admits to everything. Well, kinda – the clips have been put together to look a certain way. But, hey, lets not spoil the fun.

Some of the hilarious moments include David asking Donald: ‘Please could you share with us all what exactly is in this tanning solution you use?’

To which the President quips: ‘You know what Uranium is right?’

Tune in tonight at 10pm for the first episode of The Nightly Show on ITV.

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