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8 best sex toys for couples

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it the suggestion that you might want to slip into something a little less comfortable and slip between the sheets. Now, there’s no pressure to succumb, but if you’re feeling that way inclined, we’ve got some ideas for you.  

Here are our suggestions for the eight best investments any couple could make in their sex life. We take no responsibility if you don’t manage to make it to your dinner reservation…

Lelo Sona Massager: £59, Amazon


It’s been a long time since there was a new development in vibrator technology, but this one was worth waiting for. It’s a completely different sensation from the traditional buzz of a vibrator, and it can take some getting used to. It’s more an intense pulsing than vibrating. However, the orgasms it produces are typically deeper, longer and more powerful. It would be fab for a couple to experiment with together, whether you’re using it during foreplay, showing your other half what you like, or including it during penetrative sex.

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Skyn Lubricant: £9.99, Amazon 


Lubricant is the quickest and easiest place to start in terms of elevating your sex life. Even if you don’t struggle with dryness, adding lube into your sexual routine can take things from good to great. This one is high quality without lots of bells and whistles. Also, it’s water-based, so safe to be used in conjunction with condoms and won’t damage any sex toys.

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Fifty Shades Freed Mini Flogger: £39.99, Lovehoney


I was just as sceptical as anyone else about the Fifty Shades toy range – if the quality of the toys was anything like the quality of the books, that would spell trouble. But it turns out that these products are well made, great looking and really effective. This flogger is teeny – perfect for more intimate areas of the body such as the nipples. It’s soft, so you can use it for teasing, but capable of a little sting with you give it a good, strong flick.

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Oskia Rose de Mai Massage Candle: £36, Space NK 


Pouring hot wax on your partner might sound a bit extreme, but there’s nothing to worry about if you’re using a specially designed massage candle. The wax has a super-low melting point, so it will be liquid but nowhere near hot enough to hurt. It’s perfect for exploring erotic massage with your partner, just burn it for half an hour or so, blow it out and the pour the melted wax, which works like a really rich, beautifully scented body oil, onto your partner’s skin. 

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Fifty Shades Freed Vibrating Knickers: £94.99, Lovehoney


In all honestly, the vibrating knickers/remote controlled vibrator idea usually works better in fantasy than in practice. However, this is the closest I’ve ever come to finding a version that works. The knickers are an adjustable size, and the vibrator that sits inside their gusset is powerful and shaped for a woman’s body. The remote control has a good range, so you won’t find your partner desperately hitting the off button over and over again because you’ve bumped into someone from work. It has good speeds and an impressive number of settings.

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Ann Summers Jiggle Balls: £35, Ann Summers 


Jiggle balls have a dual purpose: firstly, wearing them helps to work your kegel muscles. Having strong kegels means more powerful orgasms (as well as supporting a healthy pelvic floor – a nice bonus). They’re also designed for gentle stimulation while you wear them. Inside the balls is another metal ball, and the movement of your body knocks the balls together, creating sensation (hence the name ‘jiggle’!) They’re an ideal toy if you’re interested in exploring a little bit of exhibitionism while keeping things outwardly prim and proper. Wear them on a Valentine’s day date for a little added excitement. 

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Lovehoney Vibrating Cock Ring: £14.99, Lovehoney 


The majority of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, so some clitoral stimulation is important. This cock ring uses the rabbit ears – the world’s most popular vibrator design – as part of penetrative sex. It’s a simple piece of kit and it only has one speed, but anyone who loves their Rampant Rabbit will love it, and it’s brilliantly affordable.

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We-Vibe Bullet: £54.99, We-Vibe


Every couple should have a bullet as part of their sexual arsenal. It’s so easy to include during sex – you can use it as foreplay or slip it between you during sex. As bullets go, this is a more expensive one, but it’s expensive for a reason: it’s the best on the market. It has eight settings, from a low vibration to pulsing and escalating vibrations. The vibration is full and rounded rather than thin and scratchy, it’s whisper quiet and recharges super quickly. 

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The Verdict: Sex toys for couples

Sometimes just the act or bringing a new toy in to the bedroom can add a frisson. Buying something with the explicit intention of using it in the bedroom is a commitment to your partner, and to your sex life. So it lots of ways, it doesn’t matter what item you use (or items). Any of these products would add to a night in, but the Lelo Sona is our Best Buy, because the sensation really does have to be tried to be believed. The price of £59 might seem like a lot for a vibrator, compared to what you can spend on some of the higher-end products, it’s actually pretty reasonable. Put it this way: I would be very, very surprised if you used it and then felt short-changed.

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