Woman's £215K McLaren supercar bursts into flames after trip to supermarket
A woman’s McLaren supercar worth £215,000 burst into flames (Picture: SWNS)

Dramatic pictures showed the moment a McLaren supercar burst into flames.

A female motorist managed to escape the blaze on Blyth Road, Lincoln, on Sunday.

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She made sure she’d retrieved her shopping from the £215,000 car before she left at around 12.20pm.

‘We could see black smoke in the distance, and as we turned around the corner there was a blazing McLaren right in front of us,’ said eyewitness Becky Gagen, 45, who was travelling with her family.

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Thick black smoke filled the air (Picture: SWNS)
Thick black smoke filled the air (Picture: SWNS)

The mum from Doncaster added: ‘What made us laugh was the fact that she’d got her shopping out of the car and emptied it – making sure that dinner was in the bag was obviously her first priority.

‘She shouted at us to stay away as it had a full tank of petrol and could have exploded at any moment.’

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Mrs Gagen said she felt guilty about taking a photo following the blaze.

She added: ‘This woman’s week had clearly been ruined, and I didn’t exactly want to compound her misery by being there to photograph it.

‘Nonetheless it was an amazing sight, least of all something you’d expect to see on your way to Sunday dinner.’

Not much was left of the McLaren 650S Spider car once fire crews arrived to put out the flames.

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