Woman finally reunites with her father after 31 years of not knowing who he was
(Picture: Twitter/MsClark_)

A woman who spent 31 years of her life wondering who her father is has finally finally found him after taking a DNA test which revealed her ancestry history. 

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Chassity, who on Twitter goes by the name Auntie Chass, revealed all in a Twitter thread that has touched the hearts of thousands.

She begun by telling her followers that her search for her father took place over a period of seven days – and promised that the story would be good.

She went on to explain that after a family disagreement, she decided she wanted to search for her real father

After ordering a DNA kit, she sent off a sample and received her results in a matter of days

But it was that she was 23.1% European that stood out to Chassity most

Chassity went onto contact her mother to ask her some questions about her bath father – and to question what she’d previously been told about him

The next morning, Chassity’s mother gave in and told her daughter all there was to know

For argument’s sake, Chassity forgave her mother for not telling her about her father sooner, and began her search for her real dad

After summoning the courage to contact her dad, Chassity did so through Facebook

And amazingly, he replied with the most heartwarming message

It turns out, Chassity’s dad had lived just 20 minutes away from her her entire life

Which really made her reflect on her life without a father

But, as the photo below shows, that mindset ended the day she finally met her father

The pair now stay in contact frequently and are very happy to be in each other’s lives

After sharing her her story, the internet proved to be feeling very emotional.

In fact, some people were left with genuine tears as they watched the story unfold.

Many tweeted Chassity to let her know how the story had affected them – and we can relate wholeheartedly

Chassity’s story was both beautiful and touching, and we’re just so happy to know that as many of us spent Father’s Day with our dads, she finally found hers.

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