Double murder at Drumlanrig Drive, Dundee....pic Paul Reid
pic Paul Reid

Two relatives were allegedly stabbed to death at a vigil for an autistic teenager who fell off a cliff edge in eastern Scotland while walking with his father.

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Family members David Sorrie, 32, and Julie McCash, 43, had joined family and friends at a vigil as emergency services searched for missing Ralphie Duffy, 18.

Officers were called to the Drumlanrig Drive area of the city on Sunday morning after the deaths.

Police Scotland said a 42-year-old man has been charged in connection with the deaths.

Detective Inspector Brian Geddes said: ‘Thank you to the members of the public who have assisted us with the investigation, your support is appreciated.’

The man was expected to appear at Dundee Sheriff Court on Monday.

Ralphie fell from the cliffs after he was out walking with his Dad, relatives said.

A family member, who asked not
 to be named, said: ‘It’s possible the noise from the winds upset Ralphie
 and he’s ran off away from his dad. He probably didn’t realise they were walking near to the cliff edge.

‘Ralphie was autistic and the wind noise might have spooked him.

‘It’s a terrible tragedy. His parents are distraught.’