There are a lot of homes with gardens up for sale in Grimsby (Picture: Flickr/Reading Tom)

As the popular saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Well when it comes to Grimsby it appears to be true, after it was crowned the garden capital of Britain.

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A new survey looked at properties on the market with the most gardens in the UK.

And the Lincolnshire town came out on top with 93% of its homes for sale boasting outside space, according to property experts,

Crawley (91.2%) came in second place, followed by Chesterfield (88.3%), Southport (87.6%) and Barnsley (86.4%).

While gardens is on many home buyers’ wish lists, the survey found 31.4% of homes on the market in the UK don’t even have one.

93% of Grimsby’s homes on the market have outdoor space (Picture: Flickr/Reading Tom)
Town is declared the garden capital of Britain
The Lincolnshire town was just one of UK the towns looked at in the survey (Picture: Getty Images)

The town with the lowest number of gardens was Gateshead with just 44.9% of home, along with Salford (56.%), Bootle (56.6%), Hastings (57.7%) and Liverpool (59.6%).

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Alex Gosling, CEO of online estate agents, said: ‘With the need to build more homes in the UK, and space at a premium, we could well see fewer and fewer new build properties with private gardens.

‘Even new build family homes rarely come with the expansive back gardens you might have seen 30 to 40 years ago.

‘In heavily populated areas, developments are squeezed in and the reality is that private gardens takes up valuable square footage.

‘There are plenty of towns, such as Grimsby, Crawley and Southport, where the majority of properties have private outside space.’