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This Week In Climate Change – What You Need To Know


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You’re busy, we get it. Here’s all the need-to-know environmental news bites from the last week.


1. Syria has confirmed its commitment to the Paris climate accord.

At the Bonn climate talks, Syria announced its intention to join the Paris climate accord.

Deputy Environment Minister Wadah Katmawi said that this is due to happen “as soon as possible”. This leaves the US isolated in its approach to fighting climate change.

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Climate change and American flag in two directions on road sign. Withdrawal of climatic agreement.

2. Sadiq Khan announced plans to pedestrianise London’s Oxford Street.

London shopping trips will never be the same again. All east-west traffic on one of London’s busiest shopping streets is due to be stopped by December, coinciding with the arrival of the Elizabeth line.

According to London’s mayor, this move is “vital at a time when London is facing an air pollution crisis”.

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Oxford Circus

3. Delhi is reintroducing car rationing to tackle air pollution.

Starting today, a four day trial will see cars with even and odd number plates share alternate days for access to India’s capital city.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has called the city “a gas chamber” after reports of pollution levels reaching 30 times the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit.

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New Delhi street life

4. Michael Gove has announced UK backing for a ban on insect-harming pesticides.

The British government has changed its position on the banning of chemicals that have been proven to contaminate entire landscapes, including the livelihood of bee colonies.

Michael Gove’s decision to support the European Union’s plan to completely ban neonicotinoids (the chemical in question) outside of greenhouse use hugely increases the likelihood of the ban being passed.

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closeup of bees on honeycomb in apiary

5. The UK’s biggest solar farm is due to arrive on Kent coast in 2020.

Plans have begun for Cleve Hill solar farm, which is due to be so large that it will span the equivalent of 400 football pitches (!), and have five times the capacity of the UK’s current largest solar farm.

solar panels  under blue sky on sunset

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