'This is hillbilly Kylie Minogue!' Best Twitter reactions to that Britney Spears TV biopic
Natasha Bassett’s portrayal of Britney Spears did not sit well with fans (Picture: Lifetime)

That much-hyped Britney Spears biopic went down like a lead balloon with US audiences last night, and the internet was awash with angry disapproval.

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Britney Ever After saw Australian actress Natasha Bassett portray the troubled pop queen, with Nathan Keyes and Clayton Chitty playing Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline respectively.

But while an exploration of the singer’s ups and downs seemed very welcome when announced, fans were not happy with perceived ‘inaccuracies’ in Lifetime’s TV movie, or with Bassett’s ‘hillbilly’ impersonation of Britney.

Five actors played *NSYNC, including Brit’s love interest Justin Timberlake, centre (Picture: Lifetime)

Primarily many fans complained there was no ‘sex tape’ made by Britney and Justin, and that no ‘nightclub dance-off’ happened after their split, as suggested in the drama.

They also moaned that many important parts of Brit’s career were ommitted — namely, the moment she kissed Madonna, the double denim mishap with Justin and her feud with Christina Aguilera.

However, it’s incredibly likely that 35-year-old Britney will have approved all elements of the show’s story —  for obvious (legal) reasons — so Spearsies can hardly say that producers crossed the line.

Most viewers also expressed little surprise that Lifetime’s show had not lived up to its billing given the channel’s less-than-sparkling reputation, so there’s that.

Fans of Britney felt her honour was being tarnished (Picture: Getty)

In any case, Twitter was burning with an indignant Brit fury.


Fans were, however, delighted with how little screen time Britney’s rival Christina Aguilera got.

Weirdly, though, Xtina was in an Oreo advert shown during one of the commercial breaks.

It’s unclear yet whether Britney Ever After will get shown in the UK, but our money’s on Channel 5 to be honest.

Metro.co.uk contacted Britney’s rep for comment on Lifetime’s possibly erroneous depiction of a sex tape and dance off.

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