This is apparently how you should dance if you want people to find you attractive

If you went out this weekend in the hope of pulling yourself a hot new beau – and failed – then you might be wondering what went wrong.

You looked cracking. Your banter was on fire. You cleaned your teeth before heading out. So why did no one bite the bate?

Apparently a musical note featured in the Star Trek soundtrack can make women orgasm

Well, maybe it has something to do with your shoddy dance moves.

But fear not – a new study claims to have discovered exactly how women should dance in order to appear sexy and attractive.

The key apparently is to let your hips swing and get movement flowing through your arms and legs.

Researchers from the University of Northumbria looked at 39 women and used 3D motion-capture to record their moves while they danced to a basic rhythm.


Their movements were then turned into computer-generated avatars so that any traces of their actual physical appearances were removed.

These clips were viewed and rated by 57 men and 143 women.

The study found that the three top-rated moves included: ‘greater hip swing, more asymmetric movements of the thighs and intermediate levels of asymmetric movement so the arms’.

Basically, the more confident the stance and the more you seem to be feeling the music, the more attractive you’ll seem. What you shouldn’t do, is dance with your feet together, just moving your hips and looking really awkward.

Back in 2014, the same researchers looked at what made a man an attractive dancer. They found that large movements of the head, neck and torso were the key attractive traits, alongside bending and twisting the right knee.

So, you might want to bear that in mind next time you’re planning on hitting the dance floor.

Or just carry on dancing the way you like.


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