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The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10: Watch Rick fight the most insane zombie ever

The makeup team on The Walking Dead – spearheaded by executive producer Greg Nicotero – are always looking for new ways to be creative, but this week’s episode ‘New Best Friends’ featured a walker unlike anything that’s been seen on the show before.

The season seven episode picked up where last week’s left off – with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company surrounded by a mysterious new faction we’d never seen before – and featured a scene which saw Rick thrown into a pit to face off against a zombie impaled with loads of spikes.

In many ways, it has to be seen to be believed – you can feast your eyes on the scene above.

Daryl actor Norman Reedus – who wasn’t involved in the scene – told EW how he flew in especially to watch it being filmed.

He said: “…the guy Gino Crognale who played that guy, he’s one of [Greg Nicotero’s] right-hand men and does special effects on the show, and he did such a good job. It was really hot that day and he couldn’t see anything and he’s covered in spikes and there’s garbage everywhere and they’re falling into it and they’re dumping garbage on his head.

“Hats off to Gino, because he pulled that off. That was a great day. It was very Mad Max. It was awesome.”

Lincoln himself told EW: “We got lucky with the weather and Atlanta took pity on us that day when I got thrown into the pit of hell and had to wrestle with my dear friend Gino, who played the spiky pinheaded monster there. It was insane. I lost my mind that day. It was so much fun. 

“Mike Satrazemis, who does the camera work, loves getting hurt as much as I do, and he sent me a shot of me all bandaged and bruised and cuts and blood everywhere, looking as happy as I’ve ever been in the pit – in this dirty, smelly environment, and it’s just like, what a life!”

You can read our review of the episode – which featured an emotional reunion between two of the show’s original characters – here. The trailer for next week’s Negan-centric episode, ‘Hostiles and Calamities,’ has been released showing Eugene as The Saviours’ prisoner

The Walking Dead airs in the UK tonight on FOX at 9pm.

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