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'Stubborn' swan blocks M27 at Fareham

A “stubborn” swan caused a bottleneck on the M27 in Hampshire after blocking two lanes.

Highways England tweeted a picture of the bird which swanned onto the eastbound carriageway at junction 11, near Fareham, at about 08:00 GMT.

After a failed attempt to fly away the swan was rescued and “safely taken away”, it said.

Swan Lifeline said the birds can often mistake roads for rivers in wet weather.

Highways England tweeted: “Two lanes are closed on the #M27 eastbound within J11 due to a stubborn swan on the carriageway!”

Swan Lifeline is working with the RSPCA and Hampshire Police, which sent officers to the scene.

It has advised the force to take the swan to a rescue centre near Portsmouth.

Manager Richard Stokes said: “Swans think the motorway is a river when it has been raining and the tarmac is wet, which is why it was running up and down the carriageway.”

Recently, the rescue of a swan from a motorway in Gloucestershire by two police officers was likened to something out of spoof film Hot Fuzz, after they posted a selfie with the bird in their vehicle.

Other animals have also caused chaos by wandering into unexpected places, including last month when a cow blocked a rail line between Southampton and Brockenhurst.

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