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Storm Doris to bring snow and wind to Scotland

The fourth named storm of this winter, Doris, is expected to bring high winds and snow to Scotland on Thursday.

The Met Office has issued a yellow “be aware” warning for parts of the Highlands, Aberdeenshire, central and southern Scotland.

An amber “be prepared” warning for high winds and heavy rain has been issued for parts of England and Wales.

A warning of gales for Scotland’s north mainland coast and the Northern Isles is in place for Wednesday.

Thursday’s Storm Doris could see the heaviest snow falls in Scotland on highest parts of the Southern Uplands.

Blizzard conditions

Accumulations of to 10-20cm (4-8in) have been forecast. Wind gusting to up to 60mph are also expected, causing blizzard conditions over high ground.

Doris is the latest storm to be named by the Met Office of the most recent autumn/winter. It follows Angus in November and December’s Barbara and Conor.

While snow is far from unexpected in winter, heavy snowfalls followed shortly afterwards by milder weather have been a mark of this Scottish winter.

Wednesday’s yellow warning is for west to north westerly severe gales.

The Met Office said there could be gusts of 65-70 mph and locally 75-80 mph over parts of the Northern Isles.

In the warning, it said: “A swathe of very strong winds is expected to affect Orkney, southern parts of Shetland and the far north of mainland Scotland early on Wednesday, easing from the west through the morning.

“These will however briefly clip the far north east of Aberdeenshire around the middle of the day.”

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