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Skinny 7ft-wide London home slimmer than a Tube carriage for sale

Measuring just seven feet across at its widest point, this Hammersmith home is slimmer than a Northern Line Tube carriage and only slightly wider than a London black cab. 

Yet almost 1,000sq ft of living space has been carved out of the unusually slim house, making it almost en par with an average-sized family home in Britain.

For sale for £855,000, the property dates back to the 1850s and is believed to have once been used as a Victorian laundry house.

The current owner, Carsten Freisberg, has lived in the property for more than 13 years and extensively refurbished the building, including removing some ​of the ​walls​ and doors​ to open out the space.

He says that buying such an unusual home enabled him to get on the housing ladder, “as the same square footage in a flat or a more conventional house were going for a lot more money at the time.” 


Skinny house: the house features a light and fairly minimalist interior, enhancing the sense of space.

Spread across four floors, the ground floor leads to a kitchen, separate reception room and garden.

A central staircase leads up to the main bedroom, with a separate bathroom and toilet on the first-floor and two further bedrooms on the second-floor.

The top floor is currently used for two separate studies. 

Plus there are two roof terraces, one at the back of the house on the first-floor, and another at the front of the house on the top floor.

Freisberg says: “In terms of the interiors, exposed timber staircases, buttresses and pillars give the house a charming almost boat-like feel. The north to south orientation of the house means that it remains warm and sunny throughout the day.”

Located in Brackenbury Village, a small residential enclave in west London, the house is within walking distance of Hammersmith’s King Street, with good Tube links and and a 30-minute drive from Heathrow.

The three-bedroom home in Kilmarsh Road is for sale through Dexters (020 8939 6061).

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