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Shoplifter gets job after police officer buys him interview clothes

A policeman who bought a would-be shoplifter clothes for an interview has revealed he got the job.

Constable Niran Jeyanesan arrived to arrest a potential thief at a Walmart in Toronto, but decided to buy the 18-year-old the clothes after hearing what he wanted them for.

Mr Jeyanesan was intrigued because the man was attempting to steal a shirt, socks and tie.

“He was apprehensive to talk about it, at first, but he began to open up,” the police officer said.

The man was precariously housed and claimed his father had become ill and could not work, Toronto police said.

The police officers released the man without charge, saying they recognised his need for a second chance in life.

“As police officers we want to solve the problem,” Mr Jeyanesan said. “He was stealing this shirt because he wanted a job. Now he has one.

“In many cases, charging someone is the best way to solve the problem. Sometimes it’s not the best solution.

“In this case, something clicked and I believed in him.” 

He added: “He was very remorseful for his actions that day. We all make mistakes and someone, at some point, gives us a second chance.

“I thought about it and went back inside to buy him the clothes he wanted.”

Staff Sergeant Paul Bois said: “You’re supposed to set a positive example as a police officer, and be a role model and he certainly did that.

“When you come on this job, it is to help people and that’s what he did. He listened to his circumstances and learned more.”


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