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Seal Enjoys Freedom After Six Months Of Frisbee Stuck Around Neck

A seal who got a yellow Frisbee trapped round her neck has finally had it removed after half a year.

The Atlantic grey seal, nicknamed Mrs Frisbee, became weaker as the plastic disc cut into her as she grew, but no-one could get near her to help.

Mrs Frisbee was finally caught at Horsey beach, around 12 miles north of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, on Thursday and taken to an RSPCA centre for treatment.

Peter Ansell, chairman of the volunteer group, said: “We’ve been aware of it for getting on for six months, but have been unable to catch it.

“Each time we tried it beat us to it and got into the sea, but as the months have gone by it got progressively weaker.

“My guess is a family was playing with the frisbee at the water’s edge, wind blowing, and it’s gone into the sea.

“They’ve lost it and that ended up floating there until poor Mrs Frisbee stuck her head through it.”

He said Mrs Frisbee was healing but it would take “two or three months”.

“It was a really serious wound,” he said. “She was badly dehydrated or malnourished.

“It will take time to bring her up to the right weight.”

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