Saira Khan reveals she ‘loves sex’ after frustration over losing her sex drive
Saira revealed why she was so upset to lose her sex drive (Picture: ITV)

Loose Women is known for being personal and touching upon topics many feel afraid to discuss but on Monday, the women went for it, revealing exactly how much they love sex – and how the menopause can change your sex drive.

The conversation came up during a discussion on taking your partner for granted, following Sunday night’s episode of Love Island which saw Olivia read out a list of ten reason she likes Chris.

The women of the ITV magazine show then revealed how they have overcome difficult moments in their relationships – leading to Saira Khan to mention the moment in May 2016 when she revealed live on TV that she had given her husband permission to have sex with another woman as she had lost her sex drive.

‘My husband wanted to have sex but I had completely gone off it and I didn’t know why, because I love sex,’ exclaimed Saira, after her co-panelist Stacey Soloman asked why it was a big deal for her to lose her sex drive.

‘I love having sex but I just thought there was a lot of people out there who [weren’t bothered],’ added Stacey.

Saira Khan reveals she ‘loves sex’ after frustration over losing her sex drive
Stacey Soloman was surprised so many people were bothered by the sex they didn’t have (Picture: ITV)

‘When I came out to declare, I got thousands of emails from women saying “Saira, I’m in the same boat”,’ she added.

‘But as soon as I got it off my chest, my husband and I talked about it and there was some therapy involved and it was because I was of a certain age and my hormones had dropped – I didn’t know about it.’

Guest Arlene Philips also got in on the action, revealing that she has ‘lots’ of sex and it helps keep her young and healthy.

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