Recognise the woman who gatecrashed Robron's wedding? She was in Emmerdale for two years
(Picture: ITV)

If you’re anything like us, you always have an IMDB tab open whenever watching your favourite soap so that as soon as a guest character pops up, you can find out exactly why you recognise them. And long term Emmerdale fans have good cause to remember the woman who rocked up at Robert and Aaron’s wedding ceremony to accuse Faith Dingle of murder!

Played by Zoe Lambert, Eileen burst in flanked by policemen to claim that Faith killed her dad – a move which threw the Robron wedding into chaos. But while many are fuming with Eileen for ruining the beautiful moment, others are just trying to work out where they have seen her before.

If you’ve been watching Emmerdale for a while and cast your mind back to 2003, you may recall that Zoe played Chris Tate’s dodgy lawyer Rachel Whatmore, who conspired with Chris to trick Charity out of of her money before he then took his own life and framed her for murder.

Rachel’s attentions soon shifted from Charity and Chris to Chris’ sister Zoe, whom she embarked on an affair with when Zoe failed to make a go of things with the father of her child, Scott Windsor.

(Picture: ITV)

Rachel was an Emmerdale character for two years before departing in 2005 when things with Zoe fell apart.

We wonder if Charity recognised her when she stormed into the pub?

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