Piers Morgan was forced to apologise to Good Morning Britain viewers on Tuesday morning after a sweary slip-up live on air.

Tuesday morning’s show saw Piers and Susanna Reid playing host to Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan – with both presenters pretty excited at the prospect of welcoming a Hollywood star into the studio.

So much so, that Piers promptly told viewers: ‘It’s very exciting because we don’t often get Hollywood stars sitting on the sofa at this time of the morning, because they can’t be a***d to get out of bed.’

Piers Morgan forced to apologise for sweary swipe at Hollywood stars on GMB
Piers accidentally let slip the mild expletive as he introduced Lindsay Lohan (Picture: ITV)

Oops. Although he quickly realised what he’d said and corrected it to: ‘can’t be bothered to get out of bed,’ as Susanna teased: ‘Excuse your language!’

Not that the viewers seemed too bothered by the slip:

Piers later took to Twitter to tell him: ‘It just slipped out.’

It’s not the first time that the presenter has been ticked off about his language, mind – after he was rapped in early 2016 for saying the word ‘b********g’ live on air during an item about Prince Charles’ famously spidery handwriting.

When Susanna promptly reprimanded him for his use of language, he told her: ‘I didn’t know it was a bad word.’

Good Morning Britain returns to screens on Wednesday morning at 6am.

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