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Piers Morgan compares La La Land's Oscars defeat to Hillary Clinton

Piers Morgan might have routinely slammed Hollywood award shows as indulgent, self-congratulatory Trump hate-in’s but he still makes sure he live-tweets the Oscars.

In true Morgan fashion, the editor-at-large of the US MailOnline, who regularly refers to President Donald Trump as a “friend”, has somehow found a way to compare Hollywood’s biggest blunder in decades to the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

In case you missed it, the Oscar for Best Picture was mistakenly handed to La La Land after the award presenters read out the wrong winner. In reality, Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, the underdog which was snubbed at the BAFTAs, was bestowed with the accolade.

The Good Morning Britain presenter quipped that like Mr Trump’s Democat rival, La La Land had won the “popular vote”.

Mr Trump gained nearly three million fewer votes than Ms Clinton. Moreover, the margin of 2.86 million ballots was the biggest popular vote disparity in US history for a candidate who has gone on to become President, a good deal greater than the 544,000-vote gap between George W Bush and Al Gore in 2000.

Morgan dubbed the announcement “fake news” and relished in sharing a CNN tweet saying La La Land had won.

“How on earth can you have the wrong card for Best Picture? What a pathetic, toe-curling farce. #oscars” the controversial columnist bitterly asked.

Morgan, who first met Mr Trump on the first series of his Celebrity Apprentice, has delighted in standing up for President Trump in the face of criticism. Just recently, Australian comedian Jim Jefferies told Morgan to “f*ck off” on primetime TV for outrightly refusing to call President Trump’s hard-line immigration ban a “Muslim ban”. 

Others on Twitter drew attention to the parallels between La La Land‘s loss and that of Ms Clinton, with one saying it is a “really, really bad time for the ‘Establishment frontrunner'”.

While the Oscars cock-up was initially thought to be the fault of presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, it appears the responsibility lies with a crew member to ensure the correct envelopes make it onto the stage.

In the end, La La Land wound up having a slightly disappointing night, ceasing to pick up many of the technical awards it was expected to, however, the film did pick up Best Director, Best Actress and Cinematography. On the other hand, Moonlight not only got the night’s biggest award but also nabbed Best Supporting actor for Mahershala Ali and the Original Screenplay prize.

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