Photo series reveals what bedrooms look like around the world
Mohamad in Saint Catherine, Egypt (Picture: John Thackwray)

Your bedroom says a lot about you.

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A friend can seem pretty together – even a bit of a control freak – for example.

But when you open their bedroom door, it tells another story (that half-eaten kebab on their dresser was definitely from the weekend before last).

Regardless, whether your bedroom looks like the decor section of a high-end fashion magazine or a litter tray, it’s still your bedroom.

And all around the world, what people consider to be home varies a lot, a fact that South African filmmaker and photographer John Thackwray has revealed in a new photo series.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Marcello from La Paz, Bolivia (Picture: John Thackwray)

The My Room Project is 55 photos of bedrooms from countries all around the world, from Nepal to Egypt.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Asha in Bamansemilya, India (Picture: John Thackwray)

John took the photos across six years of travelling, starting in Paris in 2010 and discovering contrasts in many different cultures and living spaces since.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Elahe in Tehran, Iran (Picture: John Thackwray)

John told Mail Online that it was the stories behind so many of the participants’ rooms that were interesting:

‘The Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps were really sad, as was the Rwanda youth who had experienced the 1994 genocide as a child and lost all their family,’ he said.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Oleg in Novosibirsk, Russia (Picture: John Thackwray)

‘Photographing young “narcos” in a North Mexico jail who talked to me about redemption was a memorable and strong experience too.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Pema in Kathmandu, Nepal (Picture: John Thackwray)

‘But I was also impressed by the spirituality in India, and the craziness of the Japanese.’

55 bedrooms around the globe
Ryoko in Tokyo, Japan (Picture: John Thackwray)

The one thing many people and their rooms had in common? Connectivity.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Fha in Ban Saingam, Thailand (Picture: John Thackwray)

‘Most of them share an access to internet and a social network, including Saudi young women and farmers in the African bush,’ John explained.

55 bedrooms around the globe
Maleeq in New York, United States (Picture: John Thackwray)

‘This is definitely the connected generation, which has also allowed me to stay in touch with most of them.’

This is giving us a serious urge to travel the world – if only we could do it for free, eh?

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