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New Mexico school shooting leaves two students dead

At least two high school students are dead after a gunman reportedly opened fire on a school in northern New Mexico.

Police officials said that the gunman had been killed Thursday morning after the attack, though it remained unclear how they had been killed. More than a dozen more people were injure during the incident, according to an official, but it wasn’t immediately clear how those individuals had sustained their injuries.

After the shooting began, the school was placed on lockdown, and police swept through the buildings, clearing them one by one. Students were later evacuated from the area on school busses.

Other schools nearby were also put on “preventative lockdown” after word spread of the attack, and the public was warned to stay away from the area if possible. 

The school, Aztec High School, is located in the Four Corners region of the state, and closet to the Navajo Nation.

“It’s tragic when our children are harmed in violent ways, especially on school campuses. We express our condolences to those families who have been harmed,” Russel Begaye, the president of the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation in the United States, said in a press release.

Specific details of the shooting were not immediately known, and officials did not indicate whether the attack occurred inside or outside the school.

Federal agents and state police are helping to investigate the matter.

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