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New Activists: Munroe Bergdorf Reveals Plans To Go Into Schools

In today’s episode of New Activists, Munroe Bergdorf announces her next venture in the world of activism; forming a diversity campaign aimed at children.

Murnoe said she aims to; “look at how kids are taught about each other’s cultures, because if we live in a multi-cultural society then the education system has to reflect that.”

The anti-racism activist also discusses her latest interview on Good Morning Britain, in which they discuss Dove’s controversial advert.

The advert, which Dove has since removed and apologised for, features a black woman transforming into a white woman in a three second GIF on Facebook.

On how she felt when being asked to go on GMB with Piers Morgan again, Munroe said; “My first initial reaction was like, no. I’m not putting myself through that again.

And then I just thought, actually, this isn’t about that and it makes more sense to actually not avoid awkward situations or awkward conversations.”

New Activists is HuffPost UK’s docu-reality series which follows the daily lives of five highly-motivated young campaigners. The ten-week series documents the highs and lows of life as they try to change the world. 

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