Neighbours spoilers: Rising tension and a mystery crime in 8 big spoilers
(Picture: Channel 5)

Tensions between Toadie, Sonya and Dee are rising this week on Neighbours – what will happen now that Dee is becoming more attached?

Meanwhile, Piper is caught using a fake ID and Paige goes to tell Jack the truth about the baby.

Here’s what’s coming up on Neighbours for the week beginning Monday 20 February.

1. Toadie and Sonya make an effort to spend quality time together – but Dee has become increasingly dedicated to her relationship with him.

Will she leave the two alone, or will she interfere?

2. Later on, Sonya is disappointed when Toadie goes to an appointment with Dee instead of going to a mayoral function with her.

He then emotionally bonds with Dee over her previous miscarriage, leaving viewers to wonder – where is their relationship going?

Piper gets sprung by Elly with a fake ID (Picture: PA)
Piper gets sprung by Elly with a fake ID (Picture: PA)

3. Piper gets hold of a fake ID so she can see Tyler – but she’s soon caught where she shouldn’t be by Elly.

She panics over what will happen to her, especially when Elly argues that it’s her responsibility as a teacher to shut down the fake ID ring.

However, she says she could be convinced to let it go if she were to find out who the ringleader is.

4. Paige and David confess to Brad and Lauren about the lie regarding the baby’s father.

Jack also now knows that David isn’t the dad – and Paige goes to tell him the truth.

She comes up with a solution to reveal that he is the father – but will his new superior, Bishop Green, stand in the way?

Victoria squeezes Steph's hand (Picture: Fremantle Media)
Victoria squeezes Steph’s hand (Picture: PA)

5. Steph says that homeless Victoria can stay at the motel – and they promise to keep their distance.

However, Steph soon finds her bike damaged, and it looks deliberate.

What’s going on? Is it a warning, or a threat? And who did it?

6. There’s another barbecue on Ramsay Street, and Gary wows the women with his sausage skills while Paul and Karl try to undermine him.

Safe to say the sausage fest is thriving.

7. Leo is determined to help David in his quest to find their father, and searches homeless encampments for Bradley Satchwell.

He manages to track him down with the help of Amy and Aaron – but what answers will they find?

Terese chats with Jasmine Udagawa (Picture: Fremantle Media)
Terese chats with Jasmine Udagawa (Picture: PA)

8. Jasmine Udagawa tells Terese that she must focus on bringing Paul Robinson down – and Terese responds by pulling back from him.

This is good news to Gary, but when Jasmine demands something new of Terese, this ends up changing everything for him…

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