Artist’s impression of exoplanet orbiting two stars (Picture: NASA)

Nasa has announced a huge press conference called ‘discovery beyond our solar system’.

Scientists will make a big reveal about exoplanets, according to the US space agency.

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These planets orbit different stars to our sun and some could potentially contain life forms because they are similar to Earth.

But we have no idea what Nasa will talk about specifically because they haven’t told us yet.

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An image of a whirpool galaxy (Picture: Getty Images)

The press conference will be shown live on Wednesday February 22 at 1pm eastern time (6pm UK time).

You can watch it on Nasa’s website and TV station.

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Renowned planetary scientists and astronomers will attend the press conference.

If you have questions you can put them to Nasa through the #AskNasa hashtag or wait until the end and participate in a Reddit AMA.

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