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Munroe Bergdorf Responds To Cheryl Tweedy's Publicist's Comments On L’Oréal Controversy

Munroe was dropped by the beauty brand after making comments about institutionalised racism and in a subsequent interview, she suggested that Cheryl’s involvement in the diversity-centric campaign should be questioned.

Chris J Ratcliffe via Getty Images

Munroe Bergdorf at the Diversity In Media Awards 

“She is disappointed to find her name involved in Munroe Bergdorf’s media interview.”

While the then Girls Aloud star was acquitted on this charge, she was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and ordered to pay her victim, Sophie Amogbokpa, compensation. 

Speaking exclusively to HuffPost UK at the 2017 Diversity In Media Awards, Munroe has now said she was “not really” surprised by the response. 

“I haven’t met Cheryl, I don’t know her as a person,” she said. “I haven’t ever really thought much of Cheryl, just because of her track record with these kind of things. 

“I think it’s very difficult to be a young person and then see a woman punch someone in the face, and then also become the face of a diversity campaign. That, for me, didn’t really compute.

“But we all make mistakes, we all have a history. I’ve done things I regret as well, but for me, I would also not then be a face of a diversity campaign if I was her.”

“He wasn’t allowing me to get my point across and when I picked him up on the fact he wasn’t letting me talk, he just told me that it was his show,” she said. “But then that is just indicative of society really.

“We want to talk about diversity, or people say that they want to talk about diversity, but when someone actually is given the opportunity to use their voice, we shoot them down.”

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