Grabs for Syrian child pulled alive from Damascus bombing aftermath
The Syrian child was miraculously pulled from the rubble (Picture: AP/White Helmets)

A shocking video shows a Syrian girl being pulled from rubble after her house had been bombed.

Rescue personnel frantically claw at the dirt to get the child free from the debris and chanted ‘God is great’ once they had released her.

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The footage was taken in Damascas on Monday after government forces attacked neigbourhoods in the area, including Tishreen where the girl, called Aya, lived.

Airstrikes in the capital left at least seven people dead as activists reported a third day of fighting between pro-government forces and the opposition.

Jets believed to belong to the Russian or Syrian Air Forces pounded the Barzeh and Qaboun neighborhoods in the northeast of Damascus, destroying several buildings.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in the UK, told reporters at least ten people had been injured in the bombings.

Aya was taken to medics once she had been freed but there hasn’t been an update on her injuries.

The video of her rescue was posted by the Syria Civil Defence (aka White Helmets).

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