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Manchester attack: Olivia Campbell's funeral to be held

The funeral of a teenager who was killed in the Manchester terror attack is to be held.

Olivia Campbell, 15, was among 22 people who died in the suicide bombing at Manchester Arena on 22 May.

Her funeral will be held in Tottington, Greater Manchester.

Olivia was described as a precious, gorgeous girl by her mother Charlotte Campbell. She had told her she was having “an amazing time” at the Ariane Grande concert.

Speaking ahead of the funeral, Ms Campbell said: “We are not calling it a funeral, we know we’ve got the official bit to do but afterwards we’re calling it her party.

“She was 15… she was full of life and we want to give her the 16th, the 20th the prom, everything she’s going to miss now.

“That’s what getting us through as we want to give her the best send-off anyone can give her.”

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