Love Island’s Tyne-Lexy has some not-so-cute things to say about Jess and Olivia
Tyne-Lexy is the second housemate to be dumped from the villa. (Picture: ITV Plc)

After becoming the second housemate to be brutally dumped from the Love Island villa, Tyne-Lexy has returned to the single life with nothing but a killer tan.

Oh, and her cats. Don’t forget her cats.

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But before jetting back to the UK with a one way ticket and a lonely heart, Tyne had some seriously juicy goss to spill about her fellow contestants.

And you might be surprised to hear that there’s two girls in particular who she definitely won’t be keeping in touch with in the outside world.

To help you get over her departure from Love Island, Tyne-Lexy was kind enough to share some surprising inside info with Aftersun host Caroline Flack, on the dynamics of the group for the 23 hours of each day that we don’t get to see.

While the show has so far given the impression that the girls are generally pretty tight pals, Tyne revealed that there’s some Regina George-esque behaviour starting to show itself from a couple of them – namely Jess and Olivia.

‘I started to feel really lonely,’ Tyne admitted to Caroline.

Love Island’s Tyne-Lexy has some not-so-cute things to say about Jess and Olivia
Everything between the girls is not as it seems, according to Tyne (Picture: ITV)

‘Gabby had Marcel. I’m not used to… the friends that I have on the outside world are girly girls. They’re nice girls.

‘But in there sometimes, with Jess and Olivia, it’s like going back to senior school when there were two girls that just weren’t very nice to people.’

When asked whether Jess and Olivia weren’t very nice to her during her stay, Tyne-Lexy replied: ‘No not really. But I’m a big girl. I can handle myself. But sometimes it gets you down a little bit.’

It sounds as though she and Jess may have had some serious drama bubbling under the surface to be honest, as Tyne-Lexy went on to also accuse Jess and Dom of being the couple most likely to be playing games.

Love Island’s Tyne-Lexy has some not-so-cute things to say about Jess and Olivia
Tyne-Lexy has accused Jess and Dom of not being 100% genuine. (Picture: ITV Plc)

‘I would say Jess and Dom probably,’ she spilled. ‘And then I would say Chris and Liv.

‘Jess and Dom: from how I feel, they’re working in the villa because they kind of take the mummy and daddy role, and they kind of like that status in there.

‘But in the outside world I think they’d clash massively.’

Substitute ‘fetch’ for ‘melt’, ‘grool’ for ‘pied’ and pink on Wednesdays for ‘putting your eggs in one basket’ or ‘my type on paper’, and you’ve basically got Mean Girls Island.

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