Live Nation to be sued by family following drug overdose death at a festival
HARD Festival promoters Live Nation are being sued for negligence (Picture: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Live music giants Live Nation are reportedly being sued over a death caused by a drug overdose at one of their festivals in 2016.

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Last year, Roxanne Ngo died following an apparent overdose on drug MDMA while in attendance at the HARD festival, which is based in Fontana, California.

Her death was one of three that were reported during the festival, with the other two deaths thought to be drug related.

Live Nation to be sued by family following drug overdose death at a festival
The festival is accused of not having adequate health and security staff present on site (Picture: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Now Ngo’s parents are suing the international festival promoters for negligence, after filing the suit on 31 July, stating that the festival is responsible for her wrongful death, and should be better equipped in dealing with overdose cases – especially as the temperature recorded on the festival site hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the weekend the event took place.

The girl’s parents are also claiming that Live Nation oversold the festival and was ‘overcrowded’ with minimal police, security and medical staff, plus a lack of free drinking water being available on site.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) in the UK has said that drug-testing tents should become ‘standard’ at festivals, as Leeds Festival announced it would delay the introduction of drug testing tents at the festival.

‘While the use of stimulant ‘club drugs’ such as ecstasy can never be safe, and RSPH supports ongoing efforts to prevent them entering entertainment venues, we accept that a certain level of use remains inevitable in such settings,” said RSPH’s Chief Executive Shirley Cramer.

Festival offers to test people's drugs for lethal chemicals
The RSPH say that drug testing tents should be widely introduced at UK festivals (Picture: Getty)

‘We therefore believe that a pragmatic, harm reduction response is necessary.

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