Lion's Sunny Pawar wins the award for cutest guest at the Oscars 2017
Sunny Pawar with some serious swag on the Oscars red carpet (Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Sunny Pawar appeared at the Oscars on Sunday to mark his breakout role in Lion, and everybody loved him.

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The Australian movie Lion was nominated for six Oscars, and while the film lost out to the likes of Moonlight and La La Land, 8-year-old Sunny did take home the hearts of viewers and guests alike.

The red carpet seemed to be his kingdom as he arrived wearing a rather dapper black and white tuxedo, with awesome trainers to boot.

Lion's Sunny Pawar wins the award for cutest guest at the Oscars 2017
Sunny Pawar brought all of the cute to the ceremony (Picture: Tyler Golden/ABC via Getty Images)

We have to say that Pawar gave many of the other celebrities a run for their money when it came to the style stakes – and it looks like Twitter agrees.

The evening’s host, Jimmy Kimmel seemed particularly fond of the little star too, and took it upon himself to recreate that Lion King moment with him.

Warning: This video is seriously adorable.

But it wasn’t Sunny alone breaking hearts – team him with co-star Dev Patel, and you have the internet freaking out big time.

With talks of ovaries and the term Dilf being thrown around left, right, and center, the love for the pair seems to be never ending.

One person in particular has been particularly affected by it.

Bloody hell.

Another pair that viewers highly enjoyed were Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon, but for a very different reason.

Throughout the awards entirety, Jimmy tested Damon’s patience as he used the opportunity to continue their longtime feud.

From the host calling Matt fat during the opening speech, to cutting him out while he was presenting by getting the orchestra to play over him – it was non-stop rivalry between the actor and presenter.

As awkward as this was, it didn’t even begin to touch the surface of that massive Oscars blunder.

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