A JOKER who used a leaf blower to blast six boxes of breakfast cereal into his pal's home has gone viral. Craig Cowan pushed the leaf blower nozzle through the letter box and unleashed a torrent of Asda crispy rice. Hilarious pictures of the attack show the floor of Scott McAtear's home in Renfrew, Renfrewshire, completely covered with the cereal The images have been shared almost 1,500 times and have received over 10,000 likes since they were posted on Facebook.

What could be funnier than coming home to find your friend has used heavy machinery to carpet your entire home in Asda crispy rice cereal?

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Craig Cowan, 34, used a leaf blower to blast the crunch cereal through the letterbox of close friend Scott McAtear, in Renfrew, Renfrewshire.

He kept the attack secret for two years – but came clean days ago, saying, ‘I’m coming clean after two long years.

‘It was me who hired a leaf blower an duct taped a bottle onto the nozzle and blew six boxes of crispy rice through your letterbox.

Credit: Deadline News

Scott replied, ‘Don’t worry Glasgow, I pumped his mum.’