It's about to get real wet this Valentine's Day
Tourists and Londoners in Knightsbridge shelter from the rain beneath umbrellas as rain falls in London (Picture: WENN)

If you were hoping for a hot and steamy Valentine’s Day you may be disappointed.

It’s likely that today will be a wet one for most of us across the UK, but it may not be to everyone’s liking. We are talking about the weather, of course.

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The Met Office has issued fresh weather warnings for parts of Scotland and the north of England for snow and ice but elsewhere it looks as though it’s going to be a wash out.

The south of Scotland and the Highlands will be worst affected, with possible transport disruption and a ‘small chance’ of power cuts.

And there is more miserable weathern to come, forecasters warn, with a band of heavy rain sweeping across the country.

It's about to get real wet this Valentine's Day
It was a chilly start to the day at Raby Castle in County Durham (Picture: North news)

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: ‘It’s turning windy and wet from the west through the morning.

‘Already we’ve got outbreaks of rain into western Scotland with winds picking up with gusts reaching 50 to 60mph.

‘Temperatures will quickly begin to recover from 0C as the wind strengthens and the cloud pushes in from the west and the rain moves in.

‘As that rain pushes into cold air in will fall as snow over the higher ground of northern England Scotland and northern England and, for a time, we could see sleet and snow down to lower levels but it is only temporary, it will soon turn back to rain.

It's about to get real wet this Valentine's Day
Time to get the brollies out in London (Picture: WENN)
It's about to get real wet this Valentine's Day
A band of rain spread across the UK (Picture: MET Office)
It's about to get real wet this Valentine's Day
It feels like the miserable weather will never end (Picture: WENN)

‘It will be mild in the south west, 11C or 12C, but under the wind and the rain it’s not going to feel particularly pleasant.

‘Meanwhile, just 2C or 3C down the eastern side of Britain and again with the wind and outbreaks of rain and sleet it’s quite a miserable afternoon to come.’

Tonight will see more rain and strong winds moving in which will help to make temperatures slightly more mild – although that is likely to change in the early hours.