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How to make the perfect scrambled eggs – reveals Anthony Bourdain

For a seemingly simple, everyday food, eggs sure can be tricky to get right.

Whether poaching, boiling or scrambling, there’s a fine art to a perfectly cooked egg.

But now American TV chef Anthony Bourdain has come to the rescue and revealed how to whip up the ultimate scrambled eggs.

In a video for Tech Insider, the 60-year-old shares his guide.

He starts by heating his pan – it should be hot, but not too hot. 

Next, Bourdain cracks his eggs on a flat surface before pouring them into a bowl – he says this stops any pieces of shell getting in.

Beat your eggs with a fork but don’t overbeat them – “you want a ripple of white and yellow throughout,” Bourdain says, rather than a “homogenous yellow”).

He stresses how important it is to use fresh eggs and to beat them just before putting them in the pan – don’t let them sit. If you do, “you get this odd, greying, stippling effect that you probably recognise from greasy spoons,” Bourdain explains. 

Season with salt and pepper – but don’t add anything else.

“I don’t add water, I don’t add cream,” Bourdain says. “I just don’t feel that milk or cream adds anything. Again, it’s about the egg. You’re not making a quiche here.”

However Bourdain recommends dropping plenty of whole butter into the pan and says you need to wait until it’s hot and foaming. Then it’s time to add the eggs.

Bourdain lets them “form up” a little bit, before using a figure-of-eight motion to push them around and fold them. This should, he says, result in “fluffy, airy, rippled eggs with a nice textural note.”

He says that more often than not, people find a way to overcomplicate scrambled eggs and screw them up. 

But now we know Bourdain’s secrets hopefully we’ll have excellent eggs every time.

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