Has Gunno's body been discovered? 9 big Home and Away spoilers revealed
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Home and Away fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions this week.

We already know about the shock death of Decker and the hostage situation – but there’s plenty more going on.

Home and Away Spoilers: Character to be killed off before shock hostage drama

Zac and Bianca get cosy, Heath’s brought in for questioning over Gunno, and Hunter makes a mistake with Olivia.

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday 20 February.

(Picture: Channel 5)
Justin and Raffy wait for news on Decker (Picture: Channel 5)

1. Decker is rushed into hospital – and a USB stick falls from his pocket.

He has a gunshot wound to the abdomen, one to the upper arm, and another that has collapsed his right lung.

Nate tells the Morgans that Decker will need a bowel resection – which leads to Raffy admitting to Justin she’s terrified of losing her dad.

Mason and Justin try to access the files on the USB, but it’s password protected.

Decker goes into cardiac arrest- and Tori desperately tries to save him – but it’s too late.

He’s dead.

Home & Away Week 8 Ep 6566 - Raffy (OLIVIA DEEBLE) is visibly upset and being comforted by Tori (PENNY MCNAMEE).
Raffy (OLIVIA DEEBLE) is visibly upset and comforted by Tori (PENNY MCNAMEE) (Picture: PA)

2. Raffy is heartbroken – she realises she will never know her father.

Meanwhile, Mason and Justin try to access the USB files.

They finally get in, and agree to show all the data to Kat.

3. Hunter doesn’t feel comfortable seeing Olivia before finding out what’s going on between her and Mason.

Olivia says things are too complicated for her to seek another relationship – so nothing will happen.

Alf offers Hunter a job at the Bait Shop, and Hunter asks Olivia if she will come and celebrate.

Olivia gets a message from Mason – when Hunter sees it, he gets angry, and wants her to admit she’s into him.

Olivia tells him off, and says that maybe she should be with Mason after all.

Hunter’s blown it.

Justin and Kat are shot at in the Morgan house (Picture: PA)
Justin and Kat are shot at in the Morgan house (Picture: PA)

4. Kat and Justin find Blaine’s name on the USB.

Justin tells Kat that Blaine’s the one who killed his parents.

Kat sees a photo of Ranae connected to him.

They find out her name is Rachel Malloy and she was Blaine’s girlfriend.

She made a fake identity to climb her way up the police force.

The two agree to leave at night and take the USB to the Commissioner.

Later on, when Kat goes to the Morgan’s house to pick up Justin, they realise the cops posted around the property are gone.

They try and run, but it’s too late – there’s a barrage of bullets, and the USB is dropped on the floor.

Will they survive?

Justin (JAMES STEWART) is ambushed by Ranae (Picture: PA)
Justin (JAMES STEWART) is ambushed by Ranae (Picture: PA)

5. Ranae enters the house, firing shots at Justin and Kat.

They flee to the caravan park, hide from Ranae and manage to escape.

Kat’s been shot in the arm, and has her injury treated by Tori – they’re both gutted that the USB has been lost, as it was their only proof.

Justin sneaks back into the house at night, but is found by Ranae – who’s holding the USB.

Ranae ties him up and questions him – revealing that she knew his father and ordered the hit.

Justin loses it – Ranae killed his parents and ruined his life, for nothing.

He tells Ranae to go ahead – just shoot him! She’s taken aback, but raises her gun…

Before she can kill him, Kat arrives with backup and Ranae is stopped.

Brody (JACKSON HEYWOOD), Justin (JAMES STEWART), Mason (ORPHEUS PLEDGER) & Tori (PENNY MCNAMEE) fantasize about their newfound freedom (Picture: PA)
Brody (JACKSON HEYWOOD), Justin (JAMES STEWART), Mason (ORPHEUS PLEDGER) & Tori (PENNY MCNAMEE) fantasize about their newfound freedom (Picture: PA)

6. All the files are with the Commissioner. The Morgans are finally free.

The news starts to hit home, and they realise all the things they can finally do. What will freedom be like?

Justin prepares to testify, and promises to make sure Ranae goes down.

Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) and Zac (CHARLIE CLAUSEN) reunite over dinner at the Pier diner (Picture: PA)
Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) and Zac (CHARLIE CLAUSEN) reunite over dinner at the Pier diner (Picture: PA)

7. Zac’s stood up by Leah at their one-year anniversary dinner – she’s forgotten.

Bianca heads out, and runs into him – so joins him for a drink.

She doesn’t want to go home, as there will be too much drama to face.

As the two continue to drink, they grow closer – and Bianca reminisces about the night they had an affair.

They lean in to kiss…but Zac pulls away.

An embarrassed Bianca leaves.

8. Matt and Evie run into each other.

It’s awkward, and Evie leaves quickly – Matt is left disappointed.

Later on, he calls her out for avoiding him – then walks off after dealing with her dismissive attitude.

They regroup, and are about to discuss their feelings when a drunk Hunter appears, lamenting his loss of Olivia.

The two get Hunter to bed, then finally kiss – while Hunter is sick.

Home & Away Week 7 Ep 6561 - Heath (DAN EWING) wont accept that Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) wants a divorce.
Heath (DAN EWING) and Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) (Picture: PA)

9. Heath is brought in for questioning about Gunno’s death, and lies to protect himself.

He’s worried about the incoming DNA report, and the guilt starts to get to him.

He tells Ash about the cops – and reveals that Gunno is dead.

Ash is sympathetic, and offers to lie to back up Heath’s story – but Heath is done with lying.

He returns to Bianca, adamant he’s going to confess.

But before he can do so, the forensics report reveals that the body isn’t Gunno’s.

Heath is still tempted to come clean, but Bianca stops him – and saves him from making a big mistake.

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