Who is stalking Leela in Hollyoaks?
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

You’d have thought that Leela Lomax would have been through enough terror in Hollyoaks given that she almost married a serial killer who later took her hostage and threatened to burn her alive. But even though Cameron Campbell is now in prison, Leela’s nightmare is far from over as a frightening campaign is kicked off against her. 

It all begins for the nervous local when she receives a threatening note in the post and she becomes convinced that Cameron is somehow stalking her, even though he is serving a jail sentence.

Later, as she sleeps, a shadowy figure watches her on the sofa and when she wakes up in terror after the door bangs in the wind, she is shaken and convinced that someone is out to get her.

Tegan and Courtney try to get her to face her fears by encouraging her to join them on a night out but Leela later pales when she receives a picture of herself sleeping.

Just who is targeting Leela – and what do they have in store for her?

One to watch: Thursday 2nd March at 7pm on E4.