Ryan exposed as Amy's killer at last in Hollyoaks?
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Ryan Knight has been secretly concealing the fact that he killed Amy Barnes for some time now and the truth could be about to be revealed in Hollyoaks as a lie detector test proves very interesting indeed.

While Tony Hutchinson and Ste Hay are under the impression that Harry Thompson killed Amy – as is Harry himself – viewers know different and are just waiting for Ryan’s mask to eventually slip.

When James Nightingale finds a battered and bruised Harry, it’s clear that his life is spinning out of control and with the investigation into Amy’s murder case reopened, Harry is deeply worried for the future.

However, this also proves to be a massive concern for an anxious Ryan, who later collapses in front of Ste Hay and Tegan Lomax.

When he comes round in hospital, Tegan tries to lift his spirits by having some fun with a lie detector test.

Ryan is exposed in Hollyoaks
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

But as she hooks Ryan up, is she about to discover more than she bargained for? Could the truth about Amy’s death be exposed at last?

One to watch: Monday 18th December at 7pm on E4.