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Here's What The Zero Waste Flat Of The Future Looks Like


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When you were little, if you were asked to imagine the home of the future, you’d likely conjure up ideas of robot servants and ovens that can bake their own cakes.

But the reality is likely to be a little more old school. From making our own cleaning stuff to growing plants to eat – and clean our polluted air – natural beauty brand Lush have revealed their vision of domestic life for the coming years.

As part of their ‘Naked House’ event, which explored how we can reduce, reuse and recycle plastic and packaging, they concocted a vision of what a zero waste flat would look like.

We had a peak and here’s what we found.


It features DIY cleaning products

In order to cut down on the amount of packaging used for cleaning products each year, a sustainable future sees us making our own.

Natural ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are all perfect for making your Sunday clean waste-free. (Check out our guide to getting started.)


The duvets are all recycled

Just because your jeans have a huge hole, stain or are slightly too small, it doesn’t mean the end of their life. Fabrics like denim can be repurposed throws and bedding, for an extra stylish slumber.

It contains package-free bathroom stuff

In a utopian future, we’ll make it through our entire morning beauty routine without touching a single piece of packaging and readily disposable products.

Swap to a bamboo toothbrush, a solid shampoo or powder deodrants to green up your regime.

It has glass jars, everywhere

Those cute glass jars that trendy cafés keep their coffee and sugar in are also the more sustainable option for food storage.

Much more sustainable than plastic containers, and perfect for taking with you to the supermarket to take your groceries home.

There are no traditional tea bags

Lots of traditional paper tea bags have traces of plastics in them due to the process of sealing them, and they are not one hundred per cent biodegradable.

Switching to loose-leaf tea ensures you get the most out of the tea you buy, while also cutting out the possibility of plastic additives.


It has even more plants than you’ve got now

The future is opting for a house plant over a bunch of flowers – particularly because ninety per cent of cut flowers are imported. As well as looking fancy, then can help to clean out city air: a deal that’s only going to get bigger in the future.

Herb gardens, or window sills, are another way to cut back on plastic packaging.


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