Gordon Ramsay spotted filming Columbian drug documentary in London
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was spotted filming a Colombian drugs doc in Wimbledon (Picture: Getty)

Gordon Ramsay has been shooting his thrilling new documentary about Colombia’s infamous drug cartel – in South West London.

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The TV chef was spotted wearing mud-spattered trousers and a bulletproof vest while being driven in the back of an equally muddy ‘Policia’ van, all while surrounded by the lush greenery of Wimbledon Common.

Earlier in the year Gordon revealed that he would be making the dangerous doc during a chat with the Daily Mail, saying he was getting prepared for ‘something pretty hostile’.

‘We’re going to Colombia,’ he said. ‘They’re putting me under a trauma test for the sake of being shot and kidnapped.’

Sounds like a hoot.

But instead of roughing it in the South American jungle, Gordon was spotted sat in a trailer having ‘mud’ applied to his face and clothes by a makeup artist with a paintbrush.

His hair was apparently also seen being given a good scruff up.

Two men dressed in black, complete with bulletproof vests and fake rifles, drove behind the Land Rover Gordon was in to give the illusion that the star was surrounded by guerilla militia men, as bemused dog walkers looked on.

However, according to the Mail, ITV bosses have insisted that the footage of Gordon in Wimbledon is ‘only intended for use as a trailer’ and that Ramsay ‘completed filming the documentary in Colombia this year.’ But they were apparently unwilling to comment on whether Gordon really put himself in harm’s way during his time in the jungle.

Gordon has made his name as the sweary TV chef who’s not afraid to get all up in someone’s face and give them hell for flambéing a soufflé the wrong way, but we’re betting he’s not going to be so gobby once he’s in the presence of the infamous drug cartel.

The documentary looks into the impact of the booming drugs trade in the South American country that has cost thousands of people their lives over the years.

The documentary will be shown in two parts and is scheduled to be released this Autumn.

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