Does this mean the Neo will be released this year after all?
It’s been a good year for Sony so far

The morning Inbox awaits the reviews for the new Zelda, as one reader cancels his Switch pre-order over resource-gathering.

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Unbeatable year

As everyone’s pointed out this has been a really great year for games so far, with lots of classics already. But I can’t help but notice that Sony in particular are knocking it out of the park so far: Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, NieR: Automata in a couple of weeks, then Persona 5 and Crash Bandicoot… and we don’t really have any idea what they have planned for Christmas. But maybe God Of War or Days Gone. And The Last Of Us Part II and Death Stranding beyond that?

I don’t see how Microsoft are ever going to be able to combat that. And I don’t say that in any fanboyish way. Just that Sony had two years of nothing where they were obviously building up to now. Unless Microsoft have got a ton (and I mean a ton) of secrets stocked up for E3 I don’t see how they compete. The more Scorpio is like a brand new console the more they’re starting from scratch with the games, and that’s going to be mean less and probably lower quality.

I will probably get a Scorpio whatever happens, because I don’t have an Xbox One yet, but I honestly think this might be Sony’s best year ever. And I don’t know what anyone can resent them for it when it’s simply because all the games are good.

Embargo day

Great preview on the new Zelda, GC. As ever your writing and general enthusiasm for a well-made game shines through perfectly. I must say that I was on the fence as to when I was going to buy a Switch. I was always going to get one, but now your preview has me salivating at the prospect of playing what could be one of the all-time greats.

I’ll obviously wait for the full review, but I can’t help thinking that this could be a system seller. To be able to play this at home and then anywhere (it looks likely I will need to invest time outside of home to play it given the scope of the game world) is absolutely what I like about the Switch.

When can we expect your full review GC?
Dj Kj

GC: Thanks. The Zelda review embargo is Thursday. The Switch review embargo is Wednesday, but unless the day one patch is released by then we’re not sure what more we’ll be able to say about it at that stage.

Legendary consensus

Just cannot wait to play the new Zelda after your preview, GC. Great stuff, really enjoyed reading it and must’ve done so three times just to get the hype pumping in my veins. I did the same with a number of other previews, all of which were just as positive. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many people be so enthusiastic about a big name sequel like this. Which has got to count for something.

After this and Resident Evil 7 I think we’ve got to consider whether the complaint about too many sequels is really valid any more. Although I agree we do need more new IP the real problem is clearly just bad sequels. The likelihood of which increases the more frequently you make them. I think anything can be rebooted if you put enough effort in it and hopefully Zelda will be the latest proof of this.

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I rather grudgingly bought extra storage for my Xbox One on Saturday. I have to give credit to Microsoft, the external hard drive was so easy to set up. I bought a 1TB Western Digital My Passport drive and literally plugged it in, responded to a couple of prompts and barely 10 seconds later the extra storage was available for use.

Of course we wouldn’t need so much storage this gen if every game didn’t have to be transferred off the (now fairly redundant) game disc.

I was wondering what’s stopping the games industry distributing games on SD cards which are the modern day equivalent to old school cartridges? Surely flash memory is faster than a Blu-ray or a hard drive and the latest SD cards have a massive capacity. With SD cards there’d be no need to install anything onto a console’s hard disk.

The only downside I could imagine would be the small size of the cards, they’d be more vulnerable to damage and loss than discs.
msv858 (Twitter)

GC: The Switch uses a flash-based card, so we’re not sure. Unless maybe the manufacturing prices start to mount up as the cards get bigger.

Quarter done

I had a look at the new backwards compatibility list for the Xbox One and noticed that only 312 out of the 1,182 Xbox 360 games are compatible. Granted that some of these are Kinect titles, this still leaves close to 1,000 Xbox 360 titles that could be added to the backwards compatibility list.

I currently have 143 Xbox 360 games and sadly only a very small amount of those are backwards compatible. This leads me to ask if anyone has a good collection of Xbox 360 games that they cannot play on their Xbox One that are not included on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list?

Does Microsoft have a dedicated department that could contact the few hundred developers and invite them to make their Xbox 360 titles backwards compatible on the Xbox One This would added hundreds more Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list and would save a lot of people having to use their Xbox 360 systems. There are a lot of popular Xbox 360 games that have not made the backwards compatibility list which really should be included.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: As we’ve pointed out before, backwards compatibility is a small team and low priority for Microsoft. They do take requests though, if lots are people are asking for the same thing.

No hearts

So, I’ve cancelled my pre-order for the Switch and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It might be one of the best games ever in GC’s opinion but I really don’t like the idea of having to cook food and eat regularly to stay alive or keep warm, and I hate it when weapons in games degrade and have to be repaired or replaced constantly.

Its pointless buying the console if I don’t think I’ll like Zelda. I’ll probably get one once Splatoon 2 is released, I assume the mess with the online will be sorted out by then.

I’m a little disappointed, but I feel I’ve done the right thing. Horizon Zero dawn might suit me better than Zelda by the sounds of it, and it’s not like I’m never going to get a Switch. And when I do It’ll have a better choice of games.

GC: Okay, but be aware that Horizon Zero Dawn also features a lot of resource-gathering. Including for your health.

Single Switch

Will the Switch be backwards compatible with Wii games? Not Wii U, but Wii? I have never played through Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.

Its sounds like a Switch is going to be essential, and if it is backward compatible, it sounds like that would give me access to three of the best games of all time…
Matt Kirk

GC: The Switch isn’t backwards compatible with anything.

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Final results

VVLTRFTW. With the imminent release of the Switch next week some of us in the group wanted to close Mario Kart 8 out in style on the Wii U. We hosted our final big tournament on Friday night, 24th February, a 6 vs. 6 team race between the Men of Steel and The Be #’s.

It was a very enjoyable night for me, and I hope for the other racers too, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone from the GameCentral Nintendo Group for taking part in all the tournaments we have hosted throughout the past three years. I can’t speak for everyone but the weekly team tournament has been a highlight of my week since we started doing it in 2014 along with the other nightly tournaments from 200cc no items, Bob-ombs only and, the most frustrating of all, Frantic Mondays!

I have spent over 870 hours racing, mostly online with people from the group in our tournaments. I hope to see as many of you as possible racing on the Switch when Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is released in April.

This is the link to the group on Facebook if anyone is interested in joining us for racing in Mario Kart or playing Splatoon, Super Smash Bros., or any other games on the Wii U, 3DS or Switch.
Noel3234 (NN ID)

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Inbox also-rans

Well, it’s only taken about 1,000 attempts but I’ve finally beaten the Onryoki boss at the beginning of Nioh #winning
LifeWasted1973 (PSN ID)

As promised, here are the free codes for Gears Of War 1, 2, 3, and Judgment to give to a reader. Just to clarify one has been used, I think it was 1 that I sent you in already, although not 100% which it was. None of the others have been used though. Please pass on to anyone that’s interested.

GC: Thanks very much.

This week’s Hot Topic

With the Nintendo Switch due to be released this Friday the question for this weekend’s Inbox is obvious: are you getting one and if not, why not?

Have you already pre-ordered the Switch and how has your opinion of it changed over the last few months? What do you think of the line-up of games, and which are you most looking forward to? If you intend to buy a Switch, but just not now, what are you waiting for? Is it a specific game to be released, a sign of how well the console performs, or something else?

If you’ve no plans to buy the Switch why is that? And is there anything that you think could change your mind? How well do you think the Switch will do in general and will it be more successful than the Wii U?

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