EasyJet customers 'vomit' in severe turbulence which forced plane to divert
The plane couldn’t carry on (Stock picture: Getty Images)

Passengers on an easyJet flight from London ended up ‘vomiting’ after the plane hit severe turbulence.

The flight, which was meant to go from Stansted to Dubrovnik in Croatia after taking off at 6am this morning, had to land in Italy when the winds became too strong to continue.

People started queuing in the aisles to use the toilet as the plane was buffeted ‘side to side’, a witness said.

It was a ‘nightmare’, a passenger told the Express. ‘The captain attempted to land three times but it was too windy.’

‘We circled above and then reattempted. There were people vomiting close by me. The plane was going side to side.’

EasyJet customers 'vomit' in severe turbulence which forced plane to divert
It took off from London Stansted (Picture: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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After landing in Bari, Italy, they had to wait for an hour on the tarmac before the weather improved enough to carry onto their final destination.

An easyJet spokesperson told the paper: ‘easyJet can confirm that flights EZS1211 from Basel to Dubrovnik and EZY3025 from London Stansted to Dubrovnik on August 13 diverted to Bari due to windy conditions in Dubrovnik.

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‘Both flights continued their journey to Dubrovnik once the weather improved, after refuelling.

‘The safety and well-being of its passengers and crew is always easyJet’s highest priority.

‘Although outside of our control we would like to apologise to all passengers for any inconvenience caused by the delay.’