EastEnders' Nasty Nick Cotton may become an MP and fight for students
Nasty Nick Cotton could soon be changing the political landscape of the UK (Picture: Getty)

EastEnders legend John Altman, who plays Dot Cotton’s villainous son Nick, is considering becoming an MP.

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It’s an unlikely piece of news considering 64-year-old Altman has, until now, only ever been into acting and fronting a heavy metal band.

But his political pledges — about issues such as student debts, dangerous potholes and social equality — demonstrate that he has a far better conscience than his alter-ego Nasty Nick.

‘Someone is interested in putting me forward as an MP,’ he told the Daily Star. ‘So we shall see. Watch this space.’

The would-be politician with his on-screen mum, Dot Cotton/June Brown (Picture: BBC)

Asked which issues he cares most about, John began by highlighting the fact that social inequality means poorer pupils cannot hope to have the same higher education opportunities as privileged kids.

He explained; ‘There seem to be a lot of boys from Harrow and Eton becoming famous now. I think it’s very wrong that people can’t afford to go to college.

‘Tony Blair introducing student loans was a disgrace. That is one of the top five things I would eliminate.

John during his first days on the EastEnders set in the 1980s (Picture: BBC)

‘I would put the money that they put into billion pound missiles back into education.

‘Having that debt is not a good start in life and it’s not going to encourage new talent from across the board to emerge and keep our country great. It’s counter-productive.’

As well as fighting to reintroduce student grants, he’d make sure there were no more pothole-related deaths after a cyclist lost his life in Surrey last year thanks to one of them.

June and John during her birthday TV reunion (Picture: BBC)

As yet, John has no idea which political party he’d run for, though we suspect it wouldn’t be the Tories.

John has been a part of EastEnders since it began in 1985, and his character was ‘killed off’ in 2015 —  though we know that means next to nothing in soap land.

His character’s unofficial catchphrase was ‘Ello, mum’ after all the times he unexpectedly turned up on Dot’s doorstep.

Nick’s death scene on the soap in 2015 (Picture: BBC)

John took part in the 90th birthday telly celebrations of June Brown —  aka Dot Cotton —  earlier this month, bringing her a huge bunch of flowers because she’s ‘the only ma [he has] left’.

You can catch up with June Brown At 90: A Walford Legend on BBC iPlayer.

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