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Donald Trump will 'attack everyone and anyone' but Vladimir Putin is 'immune'

Donald Trump will “attack anyone and everyone” but Vladimir Putin is “immune” from criticism, a member of the House of Representatives has said. 

Jim Himes made the claim while questioning FBI Director James Comey for the House Intelligence Committee. 

The member from Connecticut’s fourth district noted that Mr Trump had defended Mr Putin but had focused a range of attacks on US allies.

“Our new president will attack everyone and anyone. He will attack the cast of Hamilton, he will attack Chuck Schumer, he will attack our allies, Mexico, Australia, Germany, he will attack the intelligence community,” Mr Himes said.

“…There is one person and one country which is immune. Which is inoculated from any form of presidential attack no matter what the behaviour.

“No matter if there is a violation of the INF nuclear treaty, no matter if Vladimir Putin kills political opponents. The new President defends, obfuscates and does not attack,” he added.

Mr Himes also said many of those who were close to Mr Trump had “lied” and “misled” about their relationship with Russia. 

“The people around the president, Micahel Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Carter Paige and Paul Manaford, have an odd connection to Russia. A series of odd connections,” he said. 

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