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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi effigies torched at Valencia's Las Fallas fireworks festival

Several rather unflattering effigies of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were burnt in Valencia on Sunday, in celebration of the week-long fire festival Las Fallas.

Las Fallas is an annual event in Valencia featuring large street processions, spectacular firework displays and the burning of several hundred ‘ninots‘ — large effigies of well-known public figures.

Constructed out of papier-mâché, the ‘ninots‘ are set alight in honour of Saint Joseph, patron saint of the city, to symbolise the coming of Spring.

And on Sunday one particularly striking depiction of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was torched to commemorate the Saint.

The large model of Ronaldo proved particularly popular with spectators, featuring the forward resplendent in his Real Madrid kit, gold ‘CR7’ Nike boots and squatting down over the top of five footballs representing his five Ballon d’Or wins.

Ronaldo was not the only footballer represented at the festival, however.

Lionel Messi was another star to receive the dubious honour, with one effigy depicting him sitting on top of suitcases stuffed with wads of cash, with an even more horrific representation of Ronaldo looming behind him.  


These two ‘ninots‘ depicting Ronaldo and Messi proved particularly popular (Getty)

Last year Gary Neville was by far the most popular effigy to be set alight during the festival, owing to his disastrous spell managing Valencia, during which the club only won 10 of his 28 games in charge.

But the ‘ninots‘ do not always depict footballers.

Politicians are a common target, and effigies of Donald Trump rivalled Ronaldo in number.


An effigy of Donald Trump is set alight in Valencia (Getty)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spain’s Primer Minister Mariano Rajoy and North Korea President Kim Jong-Un were also popular targets.

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